Faith Baptist Camp

Faith Baptist Camp

is an Independant, Fundamental King James Bible Believing Baptist Campground nestled in the foothills of the Blueridge Mountains in Northwest Georgia. We are located on Hwy 136 East of Resaca, Georgia.

In the late 1960s God began to lay a burden on Dr. Allen’s heartDr. Sammy Allen for a Camp Meeting in the area where he lived. After much prayer and waiting on the Lord, Faith Baptist Camp was born with the first Camp Meeting held under a large tent on the grounds in June, 1970. Faith Baptist Camp has been very blessed of the Lord and has been used to be a blessing to so many people and churches across America

Faith Baptist Camp holds 3 meetings each year. June camp meeting always starts the Fourth Sunday in June. The August camp meeting starts the first Sunday in August. November camp meeting is always the week of Thanksgiving.


This year’s dates are:
June Camp Meeting 2014 June 23-28 2014
August Camp Meeting 2014 August 3-8 2014
November Camp Meeting 2014 November 24-28 2014

Faith Baptist Camp is a ministry owned and operated by Concord Missionary Baptist Church